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As an owner of a business, you can’t have eyes and ears everywhere, but you need to know what is happening on a project site all the same. An owner’s engineer acts not only as your eyes and ears but also, in a sense, as your investment & risk manager. You shouldn’t be expected to understand all the engineering ins and outs, but you can help yourself by hiring someone with your interests in mind. Choosing Clarion Partnersas your owner’s engineer allows you to stay involved and in control throughout the negotiation, design, and construction process.


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We’ve been supporting our clients’ capital projects for decades through our team of experts who serve as an extension of our client’s management and technical teams, providing independent third-party engineering and consulting services.

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The role of owner’s engineer is critical in minding the gap between owner in-house expertise and external subject matter experts that are required for the successful implementation of projects in various stages of development. The efforts include support of Front-End services, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), startup and commissioning, and operations.  Major capital projects are complex by nature with a multitude of challenging and interrelated tasks, which all need to come together to achieve a project’s aims and objectives.

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Tasks typically undertaken by an owner’s engineer can range from narrowly defined roles such as a technical and/or commercial review of EPC contractor deliverables,  obtaining authorizations and permits, and overseeing various subcontracts on behalf of the owner, to being a full-scale project management, technical, commercial and permitting resource involved in all aspects of project development, engineering, procurement & subcontract management, up to and construction oversight, startup and commissioning.

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